Interview with Dr. Kenneth P. Stoller: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), Autism, Aspartame and Mercury

K.P. Stoller and T. Small/Medical Veritas 3 (2006) 957–966

This transcript is of an interview by Teri Small of AutismOne Radio recorded in March of 2006, featuring KP Stoller, MD. Dr. Stoller reviews the history and science of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and its ability to create mitochondrial biogenesis. This therapy is critical to neuro-rehabilitation and the treatment of autism and other injuries. The nuances of pressure, oxygen dosing, SPECT scans and treatment protocols are explained along with the basic stratagem of biomedical intervention in the treatment of autism. Dr Stoller also gives an in-depth explanation of the politics and the science involved in the Thimerosal – autism controversy. Politics and science are inseparable in this controversy and have made it so difficult to change policy with regards to the removal of Thimerosal from vaccines. Dr. Stoller implicates the pharma controlled federal health agencies in this the largest preventable public health disaster in history. The Thimerosal scandal is even better understood after Dr. Stoller reviews the bizarre approval by the FDA of aspartame, which had previously been classified as a potential chemical warfare agent by the military. Dispelling myths about its safety, the cancer-causing molecule that has been shrouded in malicious disinformation is revealed for the neurotoxic poison it is. The folly surrounding its ubiquitous presence in the human food chain was forced upon humanity for greed alone. Never have so many been poisoned in the history of this planet as a result of an unholy alliance between corporation and state. Never has it been so important for the public to wake to their responsibilities concerning these issues and take back their power.
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Layperson Summary

The transcript, authored by K.P. Stoller and T. Small, presents an interview conducted by Teri Small of AutismOne Radio in March 2006 with Dr. KP Stoller. The interview delves into the history and scientific basis of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), focusing on its potential to trigger mitochondrial biogenesis, which is crucial for neuro-rehabilitation and the treatment of conditions like autism and other injuries. Dr. Stoller discusses the intricacies of pressure, oxygen dosing, SPECT scans, and treatment protocols related to HBOT, while also explaining the core strategy of biomedical intervention for autism treatment.

The transcript also addresses the intersection of politics and science in the context of the Thimerosal-autism controversy. Dr. Stoller sheds light on the challenges of changing policies related to the removal of Thimerosal from vaccines, implicating pharmaceutical-controlled federal health agencies in this contentious issue. The discussion expands to cover the FDA’s controversial approval of aspartame, a substance once classified as a potential chemical warfare agent, which is now recognized as a cancer-causing neurotoxic poison. The transcript highlights the pervasive presence of such substances in the human food chain, driven by corporate interests and state cooperation, emphasizing the urgency for the public to become aware of their responsibilities in addressing these issues and reclaiming their power.