Macular Degeneration Reversed with HBOT

Bojic L., Gosovic S., Kovacecic H., and Denoble P. Hyperbaric Oxygenation in the Treatment of Macular Degeneration. Split, Yugoslavia: Split Naval Medical Institute, pp. 1-4.

Dr. L. Bojic treated 4 patients with advanced macular degeneration and severe vision loss in a clinical trail with HBOT. Three of the four patients experienced a doubling of visual acuity after HBOT. The fourth patient experienced a four-fold improvement.

Although much more research is needed and HBOT must be considered experimental in this condition, it seems that a trial of thirty 90-minute treatments at 1.5 ATA in a monoplace HBO chamber, combined with other therapies such as laser and nutritional supplements, offers hope for additional benefit. This makes good sense, because cells of the retina are specialized neurons–actually an extension of the brain. Retinal cells would therefore be expected to respond to HBOT, similarly to brain-injured patients.

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