Hyperbaric Oxygen for Treatment of Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injuries

By: Steenblock, David A., Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, 10477837, 1998, Vol. 8, Issue 1

Fifty stable, chronic stroke and traumatic brain injured (TBI) patients (mean age 62, mean duration post stroke 29 months) were treated with a combination of hyperbaric oxygen, physical therapy and EEG biofeedback for two months. Surveys given to patients or their family members showed that 96.7% of the patients improved one or more of their lost or diminished functions. Pre- and post-treatment physical therapy evaluations indicated that 100% of the patients experienced improvements in one or more functions. These results indicate that hyperbaric oxygen therapy in combination with other modalities is a safe and effective treatment for stroke or TBI related disabilities.

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